JARED NORTHROPSourcing | GoToMarket Strategy | 360 Digital Retail

Management, & Technology specializing in product development and design with early stage start-ups to global companies.  Designs and executes innovative market strategies throughout cross functional teams that result in new market penetration, elevated market share, and improved customer loyalty.

Strategic Visionary |  Keen ability to interpret market needs, product development cycle, and successful market launch

International Scope |  10+ years’ experience in Cross- Cultural communications in America, Asia, Europe, and Australia Markets

Market Opportunity Analysis |  Proven strength in cost modeling and ROI attainment on product launches and new market verticals. 20+ years of experience in Market Strategy, Sales.


  • MBA, in Global Studies from University of California, Los Angeles
  • MBA, in Global Studies from National University of Singapore
  • BS, in Marketing from Miami University
  • Thematic Sequence (Minor Studies) in Law, Commercial & Intellectual Property from Miami University


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