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Los Angeles, CA, January 9, 2018 | Elavare LLC announces the launch of a new turnkey consulting service to address the growing demand for businesses looking to enter different markets across the globe. Strategically based in Los Angeles, California, the firm is composed of 11 seasoned professionals who have extensive expertise in cross-border business between North America and Asian markets including China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, and India.  

Commerce between North America and Asia has been on the rise for decades, yet there remain significant barriers that are unique to cross-border market entry that businesses on both sides of the Pacific Ocean struggle to successfully overcome. Elavare’s holistic offering is designed to ease market expansion by leveraging the talent of a uniquely comprehensive group of senior advisors who have decades of experience in helping companies grow internationally.

“Our group came together organically, as a result of a genuine interest in bridging cultural and geographic gaps,” says Dr. Mirei Takashima Claremon, an expert on cross-cultural consumer behavior and a senior advisor with Elavare. “Our diverse backgrounds and cross-border expertise are precisely what differentiates us from other consulting practices. By combining a group of executives who have worked directly with Asian and Western businesses within finance, legal, product development, branding, and marketing—just to name a few—Elavare is uniquely positioned to help companies expand overseas as smoothly and efficiently as possible.”

John Redfern, another senior advisor of Elavare who is the co-founder of a leading retail data platform servicing the Greater China market adds, “We understand that every business is unique; by customizing our solution for every client, we avoid the repurposed, formulaic approach that is prevalent in the consulting sphere.”

Elavare offers turnkey market entry consulting services that include:

  • Brands, products, and services analyses
  • Market research to identify market entry opportunities and risks
  • Brand/product launch roadmaps
  • Statistical and scientific analysis of consumer preferences, perceptions, and needs
  • Navigation of complex legal and tax structures
  • Advising on market-relevant regulatory, security and political issues
  • Company performance metric benchmarking and valuation analysis
  • Fund sourcing and facilitation of deal flows
  • Organization and team structure development guidance

Elavare is a team of trusted advisors that provides gold key market entry services to individuals, corporations, family-owned enterprises, and others in strategic, cross-border transactions that focus on today’s dynamic Asia-Pacific and North American market sectors. For further information, please contact us at executive@elavare.com.

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